Reviews and Praise

“A brilliant, groundbreaking, inspiring history of John Kennedy’s dazzlingly successful economic policies, later adopted by Ronald Reagan. Tragically, JFK’s lessons are forgotten by most Democrats today—and by a lot of Republicans too. This is a must-read masterpiece.”

“In a fascinating narrative that gets the facts right, Lawrence Kudlow and Brian Domitrovic illuminate the intersection of President John F. Kennedy’s and President Ronald Reagan’s economic policies and drive home the reasons why I’m a Kennedy Democrat and a Reagan Republican. Tax cuts, sound money, free trade, spending restraint, and minimal regulation are still milestones on the path to prosperity.”

“The first great supply-side president of modern times was not Ronald Reagan but a heroic Democrat named John F. Kennedy. As this book points out, on taxes, trade, and free-market entrepreneurship, JFK was pro-business, pro-worker, and pro-growth all the way, and the prosperity explosion of the 1960s is powerful evidence these ideas work. Why are there not more Democrats reembracing these powerful ideas today?”

“The authors make a thought-provoking argument that the same economic strategy would solve the economic problems in our nation today. Moreover, they believe it would solve other problems, such as inequality and damage to the environment…Recommend[ed] for those who appreciate economic theory and/or 20th-century history.”